Care of your gums and supporting bone is a very important aspect of dental care.
Our patients expect to maintain their teeth for a lifetime. If the gums remain healthy or treatment restores and maintains them in health we can achieve this goal.
This care starts with the patient's daily home care procedures. Brushing with a fluoride tooth paste and daily flossing are the foundation of preventive and maintenence care. For most of us professional cleanings from 2 to 4 times a year are necessary.
Our dental hygienists remove plaque - soft deposits from primarily below the gumline that are full of bacteria. They also remove hard deposits called calculus or tartar from above and below the gumlines. We examine for inflammation of the gums, areas of recession, detachment of the gums, integrity of supporting bone. Periodically we take necessary digital images to help us see into places that otherwise would be invisible.
Your oral examination is also a complete visual examination of oral tissues (oral cancer exam) and of your teeth. We discuss any necessary or discretionary treatment you are considering.
In the event your gums are inflamed we are able to recommend and perform further non-surgical treatment to return the gum tissues to normal.
If necessary I do not hesitate to refer patients to a periodontist for more extensive or sophisticated treatment. Periodontal treatment has advanced greatly during my years of practice. During the last 15 years we have learned much more about the direct connection between oral health and general health especially for diabetics, pregnant women, and people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
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