Composite Fillings

When do we do composite fillings?
Bonded composite fillings are used in these situations:

  • Cavities in front or back teeth (tooth decay) that are small to medium in size
  • Replacing old unsatisfactory silver fillings
  • Areas of deficient tooth structure
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Reshaping, veneering or recontouring teeth where addition is required

How are bonded composite fillings done?
Many bonding procedures can be done without local anesthesia.  Bonding requires addition of material, shaping and polishing.  When decay is present and tooth structure must be modified the tooth is anesthetized, prepared and the decay is removed.  Then liquid bonding agents are applied and the appropriate composite is placed.  The color and opacity are selected and placed into the tooth as a paste.  The paste is hardened by means of a visible light.  Then the filling is shaped and polished.

Our methods and materials are constantly improving.  The materials I currently use have a 10 year plus record of satisfactory clinical service.


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