What is a crown?
A crown  is used to restore a tooth when a large part of the tooth must be restored.  In this case a filling is not sufficient.

A CROWN covers and replaces the entire outer surface of a tooth that is above the gumline.  These are strong, esthetic and long-lasting.  The artistry of crowns results from a partnership of patient, dentist and the laboratory technician.  Today's current methods and materials yield beautiful results for one tooth or a complete smile.
What are porcelain crowns?
If a tooth is more broken down, porcelain crowns are available of the same material used for porcelain veneers.  These all porcelain crowns are also very beautiful, durable and life-like.  We can mix and match crowns and veneers as necessary.  There will never be a dark line at the gum line with any all porcelain restoration as no metal is present.

We can also make a stronger type of all porcelain crown that we use for back teeth.  These have a strong ceramic core that is created by CAD/CAM technology.  The veneering porcelain is then placed by our dental laboratory to complete the shade, opacity and final shape.  These crowns look great, are strong and have long life expectancy.  Finally, our technology now allows us to make up to seven or eight of these  connected  crowns so we can use this technique to replace front or back teeth.
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